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Puppies are here!
Boys available

Our industry leading puppy program starts before birth!

All moms go through evaluation and training the entire time they are here, as dogs change like people do. During pregnancy, moms are given a variety of healthy whole foods that are known allergen triggers (none of our parents are allergic, and we want to reduce the risk of our puppies having allergies). Studies have shown in humans that prenatal foods can decrease risk of allergic reactions in children, and we believe that transfers to dogs.

Pregnant moms have a gentle daily exercise program and a routine that gets them around loud noises like vacuums and traffic as well. Our puppies start their journey before they even arrive!

Puppies can go home at 8 weeks old, having gone through our intense postnatal socialization and learning program from day 4. They will have started learning sit and down, eye contact, crate training, play manners, and bite inhibition.  To reserve your puppy after they are born, please fill out our puppy contract and place a deposit of at least $300. Full price is $2000 for pet registration. 580-231-2308
Golden Retriever Stud

Intl. Ch. Big Bear Baloo vom Robertson


Hocking's Mighty Little Annie


"Thank you so much Bridgett. We love her so much already. We've laughed and smiled, cuddled and played-I can't remember the last time both our boys spent the whole day with us rather than in locked away in their bedrooms. She completes us!"


"Tymber is sooo smart. After 3 times of gently telling her to stay out from under the table, she's got it down. She's amazing."


"When we work he's all eyes on me! He's been doing really well with training and has really surprised me with how well he's done on crate training. He's been a blast."


March 2022

Puppies in the news!

"They are truly beautiful puppies. Ruby gets so many compliments on how wonderful she is. So pretty, great personality, and smart as well as so loving.We can't go anywhere without people falling in love with her."

Our puppies were in the news! Check out Roxy and Baloo's last litter.

We have introduced this litter of puppies to over 100 people ages 2 to 92! The news was there to see us spread some golden sunshine to several classes of 4 year olds, the cutest socializing event ever!

Here they are bringing smiles to seniors:

Dad Baloo

Big Bear Baloo vom Robertson

Baloo is from healthy European and American lines, including an import grandpa on the CHIC registry! He has multi generational health testing, and the sweetest, most loyal personality that's being passed on to his puppies. 

Health Clearances:

DNA Test


UC Davis DNA

OFA Hips 

OFA Elbows


prcd-PRA Clear

PRA Clear

PRA1 Clear

PRA2 Clear

Ichthyosis Carrier-not affected

DM Clear

NCL Clear


Mom Roxy

GB Party Like A Rockstar CGCA CGCU TKI TKN


Titles and Awards:

AKC S.T.A.R Puppy 

CGC - Canine Good Citizen

TKN - Trick Dog Novice

CGCA - Canine Good Citizen Advanced

CGCU - Canine Good Citizen Urban

TKI - Trick Dog Intermediate

Health Clearances:

DNA Test


Golden DNA



OFA Good hips 


prcd-PRA Clear

PRA Clear

PRA1 Clear

PRA2 Clear

Ichthyosis Clear

DM Clear

NCL Clear

You can trace Roxy's lineage back to some of the top winning dogs in Golden history, with lines to FCI World Champions and Cruft invitees.  Check out IntCh. MultCh, ChSK, GrChSK, Ch SRB, ChUA Evidog Kasino [FCI A], on her dad's side.


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