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Started Service Dogs

We understand how difficult it is to get a Service Dog, and we want to make the process easier and more cost effective. Service Dogs receive training to pass the Public Access Test, and have one solid skill for Psychiatric or Mobility issues. We provide training for you as the handler, and will help make sure you can pass the Public Access Test together. Delivery and on site training is available! We occasionally have trained dogs available, or can locate and train a dog for you in 6 to 9 months. Check below for available dogs, or contact us to get started! 580-231-2308
No dogs available now, please contact us if you'd like a Service Dog trained for you! 580 231 2308

Service Dog Deposit

Deposit for Service Dog and training


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Service Dog Payment

Payment for Service Dog with training


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Service Dog Full Payment

Full Payment for Service Dog with Training


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Annie and Baloo in whelping box.jpg

Annie and Baloo litter expected 04/23/2024

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