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Our industry leading puppy program starts before birth. All moms go through evaluation and training the entire time they are here, as dogs change like people do. During pregnancy, moms are given a variety of whole healthy foods that are known allergen triggers (none of our moms are allergic, and we want to make sure none of the puppies have allergies). Studies have shown in humans that prenatal foods can decrease risk of allergic reactions in children, and we believe that transfers to dogs. Pregnant moms have a gentle daily exercise routine that gets them around routine loud noises like vacuums and traffic as well.

Puppies can go home at 8 weeks old, having gone through our intense postnatal socialization and learning program from day 4. They will have started learning sit and down, eye contact, crate training, play manners, and bite inhibition.  To reserve your puppy, please fill out our puppy contract and place a deposit of at least $300. Full price is $2000 for pet registration. Check out our Star Puppies and started Service and Therapy Dogs here!
Annie and Baloo in whelping box.jpg

Annie and Baloo litter expected 04/23/2024

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